“Villa Torre” by Tenuta di Tavignano

“Villa Torre” by Tenuta di Tavignano

Villa Torre by Tenuta di Tavignanowine: “Villa Torre” by Tenuta di Tavignano
grape: Verdicchio 100%
region: Marche (pronounced MARK-ay) DOC: Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi

the region & grape
Chances are, if you like bright citrusy wines such as Sauvignon Blanc, Verdejo, Albariño or Grüner Veltliner, you will more than likely appreciate a good Verdicchio. Derived from the word “verde” (green), Verdicchio is the indigenous white grape of the Marche region on Italy’s Adriatic coast. Good quality Verdicchio wines display refreshing acidity with citrus, herbal and nutty flavors.

Within the Marche region, the appellations of Castelli di Jesi and Matelica typically produce the best versions of Verdicchio, which is the white wine of choice along Italy’s Adriatic coast. In these appellations up to 15% of the DOC wines may be comprised of the Trebbiano and/or Malvasia grapes. Some versions of Verdicchio have such structure that they can age for several years.

Marche Wine Regionthe winery
Tenuta di Tavignano is a very old estate (it’s farmhouse dates back to the 16th century) that was taken over by Beatrice Lucangeli and Stefano Aymerich di Lacaroni – “scions of two noble Marchesan families.” Since the change of hands in the 1990’s, they’ve renovated the facility, replanted vineyards and modernized the winery and it’s equipment – all in effort to produce focused and clean wines. From the mouth of wine critic Robert Parker: Tavignano crafted “one of the two finest Verdicchios I have ever tasted.”

the wine
tasting notes:
This Verdicchio displays notes of flowers, almonds, mandarin, white peach and fresh herbs, with a bright juicy mouthfeel that has a slightly bitter and refreshing aftertaste. Drink with a moderate chill (not refrigerator cold) for maximum aromatic and flavor impact. Because of the slight herbal and bitter quality to this wine is remarkably versatile in food pairing. Think caprese salad, delicate fish or robust fish dishes, stuffed mushrooms, salami, Asian food and dishes with fresh herbs.

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