Castello di Farnetella

Castello di Farnetella

Castello di Farnetellawine: Castello di Farnetella
region: Chianti Colli Senesi, Italy (in the region of Tuscany)
grape blend: 90 % Sangiovese, 10% Merlot

Chianti vs. Chianti Classico
Similar to the title of Champagne or Port, Chianti is the name of both the region and the wine itself. Chianti is situated in the sun- drenched Italian region of Tuscany, largely between the city of Florence and town of Siena. Within Chianti there are eight geographic sub-zones; this wine is from Colli Senesi. Classico is another sub-zone and is subject to different blending and ageing requirements. Sangiovese is the most important grape in Chianti.

Fèlsina WineryChianti: minimum percentage of Sangiovese = 75%, certain white grapes allowed in the blend. Minimum alcohol = 11.5%, and grape harvest yields are “restricted” to 4 tonnes per acre. These wines are usually lighter-bodied that than the Classico versions.

Chianti Classico: minimum percentage of Sangiovese = 80%, with only red grapes (no white) permitted to make up the rest of the blend. Minimum alcohol = 12%. Wine must spend at least 12 months aging in oak barrels. Classico wines are usually fuller bodied and a little pricier than basic Chianti designated wines.

the winery
Castello di Farnetella is a winery owned by the famed Fèlsina winery. Vintage after vintage Castello di Farnetella produces biodymanic, hand harvested wines that are full of savory flavor and fuller bodied than several of neighboring wineries producing in the generally ordinary sub-zone of Chianti Colli Senesi. This wine offers tremendous value over most other versions.

a few tasting notes
aged in small to medium sized oak casks for 8-12 months sour cherry, oregano, balsamic, dry cured salami, coffee bean, sweet tobacco

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